Atlas is the system for the management of hanging uniforms for large healthcare facilities; the solutions meet the needs of facilities that manage a large amount of medical uniforms in a single pick-up area.

Users swipe their badge on the reader of the delivery door, choose the uniform to collect; the conveyor belt picks up the garment and transports it to the delivery door. The door opens and the employee can pick up his/her uniform. A sensor informs the system that the garment has been removed and the door closes.

The employee leaves the used object in the automatic pick-up door, the system records the operation and updates the database. The laundry service picks up the garments, knowing the exact number.

Atlas consists of:

  • modular conveyor belt
  • drop-off door for clean garments
  • pick-up door for dirty garments
  • pick-up door for dirty garments
  • ZCS software for the processing and synchronising of information from Atlas to the management software (already used by the customer or the Atlas Management System)
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