Dry Cleaning


Modular and multi-purpose conveyor belt.

Comet System is the modular and multi-purpose conveyor belt; the system can be used in many different industries and application areas and it comes with a right/left bidirectional control that allows simple manual movement of the belt.

The supporting structure consists of a conveyor belt track which, depending on the needs (management, space and organisational), can be fitted with slots or a continuous band made of tempered stainless steel.

  • Version with Slots: consists of individual modular components (links) measuring 60 mm, numerable, which can be divided into slots of various sizes
  • Continuous band Version: a track allows organising the items using appropriate sliding dividers on which can be applied different labels (alphabetic, numeric, etc.)

The customer is given a personal card containing all the barcodes associated with the delivered items; once washed and ironed, the garments are hung on the appropriate conveyor belt. In this way, the simple reading of the card with the barcode reader automatically activates the conveyor belt, which delivers the garments to the customer in only a few seconds.

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