Industrial Laundry


System for the complete management of laundry items.

Laux is the automated laundry system that manages the entire workflow: acceptance, stocking and re-delivery of garments.

The standard version consists of:

  • modular conveyor belt for hanging garments
  • work station equipped with PC, printer for labels / tax receipts / tickets / barcodes and reader
  • Laux software

The customer is given a personal card containing all the barcodes associated with the delivered items; once washed and ironed, the garments are hung on the appropriate conveyor belt. In this way, the simple reading of the card with the barcode reader automatically activates the conveyor belt, which delivers the garments to the customer in only a few seconds.

ZCS International offers systems for the automated management of workflows for Healthcare facilities, Companies, Industries, Accommodation Facilities, and Laundries